Video marketing tips

Most probably, the most common question in video marketing is: How do I promote my video/videos?
You have created a video, uploaded it to Youtube, Vimeo or somewhere else and then you wait…and wait. Maybe you get one-two comments, a few views and that’s just about it. All that hustle for nothing.

One of the things that have to be realized is that a video is an online propriety just like a website is.
So, maintaining the comparison, for a website, one of the most important traffic sources is obviously search engine traffic which results from SEO. In the case of videos the situation is a bit better: there are related videos you can get views from, Youtube videos (we are talking Youtube video marketing here) can naturally rank for various keywords.
SEO can be divided in two parts: onsite SEO and offline SEO.

The ‘onsite SEO’ for a video are all the factors you see on the video page: title, description, tags. Having keyword
optimized and keyword relevant titles, descriptions and tags is already an important step in having a good ‘onsite’ optimization.

Other things that are important in the ranking and have to be considered are: the number of views, comments and the rating. These are mostly an effect and there is no control per se on them; however, if fast results are needed these stats can be faked by purchasing them from various websites that are offering such services. Ethical or not, is up to you to make the call.
Adding a subtitle for the cc feature (Closed captioning) can also improve the ranking and is often overlooked.
Another important factor, a quite important one I might add, and often overlooked as well, is the quality of the video itself. The better the video resolution the better quality a video has; Youtube has some guidelines for the ‘perfect’ video
The following are taken from the Youtube video encoding guidelines and it’s recommended that these guidelines are respected in order to have the best video quality possible:

1. Upload videos in their original resolution – Videos should be uploaded at the highest resolution available. Videos uploaded with a 16:9 aspect ratio will fit the player perfectly. Most 4:3 resolutions are supported, but the video will be pillar boxed in order to fit the player.
2. Upload videos with high bitrates – Higher bitrate content will look better on YouTube, simply put. View our recommended bitrates for high quality uploads.
3. Upload videos with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio – Videos without a square (1:1) pixel aspect ratio may not fit properly in the player.
4. Upload videos with a supported file format – Supported file formats are consistently more reliable than alternatives.
5. Upload videos in original quality whenever possible – If you do not need to edit your video, simply upload the unaltered original recording for optimal quality.
6. Upload videos with a identical Audio/Video durations – Audio and Video tracks should begin and end at exactly the same time.

If respected, these 6 steps can earn your video a high quality score and corroborated with other optimization measures your video will get top rankings in the search results.
It may sound very technical, but don’t worry, the best thing is that Video Marketing Bot PRO supports all of these video quality checkboxes. It can create videos in the HD 1080p video standard at a video resolution of 1920×1080 (recommended), video resolution of 1280×720, a video aspect ratio of 16:9 that makes the video fit perfectly in the Youtube player, bit rates between 2000k and 2500k and even more.

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