Video marketing is the new article marketing

The days when article marketing and bum marketing were in hype are pretty much over. The latest Google updates made sure this happen and the penalization the big article directories got made them wary and as a consequence of that, their submission policies were changed accordingly.
All these last crazy Google updates made marketers realize how unstable is SEO in fact and how big of a factor you can’t actually control unless you are a search engine. Those that are having all their eggs in one basket – Google’s basket, saw how all of their websites are vanishing from the search results and all of their hard work is gone down the drain just like that.

So, you might ask: Is there a new hype, a new marketing technique that can be used successfully as an alternative, as a guerilla marketing technique? Sure! It’s just under your nose, I bet you are watching daily at least one Youtube video and if you didn’t realized this by now, the video market is huge! Youtube is basically world’s second biggest search engine and it’s userbase is consuming hundreds of millions views each and every day. Imagine how it would be to have just a fraction of these daily views.
Not only that Youtube is the world’s second biggest search engine but Youtube videos often appear among the top search results and it’s no doubt a big bonus.

So what’s more easy? To build a new website from scratch and then to promote it, to do SEO for it or to create a video a few minutes long and do nothing? Chances are that due to the preferential treatment that Google gives to Youtube (which is quite obvious) you don’t even have to do any SEO at all, the video will naturally rank for a good keyword.
So this is a no brainer.

What’s awesome at video marketing? You can start with a budget of 0 (ZERO) dollars! All you have to do is just sign up for an affiliate offer at Clickbank, Commision Junction, Plimus, JVZoo, E-junkie etc, create some videos, upload them and start earning!
Obviously, you are not limited only at doing affiliate promotion via video marketing, you can promote pretty much everything starting from your website, your services/products or just those ‘kodak moments’ where you were goofing around being drunk (hey, we are talking Youtube and viral marketing here).
In comparison, article marketing has a harsher start due to the article’s directories updated policies…so good luck trying to stick a direct aff link on a big article directory like Ezinearticles.
Another advantage is that video marketing can be seen as an advanced article marketing, old articles can be resurrected into text slides and these slides can be arranged into a nice video collage. An application that can easily transform text to video via text slides is Video Marketing Bot PRO.
The rules for text slides can be different from those of article writing regarding the format in which the text is presented.
Some tips for when creating text slides:

1. Choose your fonts well, Serif fonts are usually considered better to use in documents with lots of text but for text slides the san-serif fonts like Sans Serif are actually preferred due to their increased readability.
2. Use color well, colors can be associated with various feelings, moods and colors can also improve the learning speed, retention and can increase interest. Cool colors work best for backgrounds and warm colors generally work best for text.
3. Limited text – while an article can have hundreds of words, a text slide is recommended to have a limited amount of text for increased readability and information retention. Also, a limited number of bullet points is recommended.

These being said, the new hottest thing right now in internet marketing is obvious: video and video marketing. Make sure you get in the train before it’s too late!

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