The importance of Internet online presence

Even if we are talking about regular Internet surfers, small businesses, internet marketers is essential nowadays to have an online presence. The old adage: “I think, therefore I exist” can be translated nowadays in “I’m on the Internet, therefore I exist”. The online universe can be used in many various starting from networking, learning, building up your reputation and credibility, branding, promoting yourself, promoting your website, promoting your products/services, finding opportunities. The most basic and common type of online presence is the one that involves social networks.
Other type of online presence involves video sharing websites and it’s quite popular in fact, numerous active users viewing and uploading videos on a daily basis. The advantage of the video online presence is that it permits a better communication in a nice, easy to digest format. It’s obvious that watching a video is much more easy and preferred than reading for example  Not only this but the video format permits the observation of the facial expressions, voice inflections, gestures, basically representing a far better form of communication than the written one specific to social networks.

With these clear advantages, everyone that has a message that needs to be transmitted, shouldn’t miss the Internet video marketing train and should begin to consider the Internet video production.
Transform your Youtube channel in a transmitting antenna for your ideas and thoughts and if you get lucky your video/videos might even go viral and than you hit the jackpot. If not, don’t worry, you can counterbalance it by scaling up your video creation and churning up videos. 100 videos with 10000 views on average is still something.

Many people are asking themselves: How to make a video?
Let me formulate a counter-question: Do you want to create videos for marketing purposes, video marketing more exactly?
Many prefer the quick and easy way without any pain.
This path involves images and photos and creating video slideshows out of them. This technique is great because you can churn out a new video at a few minutes using a software that automates the process of video creation.
Automatic/semi-automatic video creation can be a good alternative for those that don’t have the means (hardware) to create videos, those that are camera shy, those that want to create videos in a foreign language but are not confident enough with there language skills and/or accent, those who just simply don’t have the time to put in and don’t want the trouble and hassle of taking doubles.

Even if you don’t have the need to create videos for marketing purposes I bet you would still like to have a video with all  the great memories from those holidays. Even if you didn’t captured all those fine moments on video you can still use a slideshow maker program  like Video Marketing Bot PRO that can create video slideshows out of photos and images. Using it’s features like music adding and effect transitions, you can jazz your videos even more. Not only this, but you can easily share these moments with the loved ones and friends just by clicking one button that automatically uploads the video to the biggest video sharing website that is, Youtube.

The advantages of an online presence are clearly outlined as it reaches all the aspects of life socially and economically.

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