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Video marketing made easy.

Video Marketing isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for a while. But its benefits are timeless and very effective (and often very underestimated!). And if you’re not making good use of it, you’re losing out – big time. It could be your competitors are beating you hands down because of their knowledge of video marketing. If they don’t, count yourself lucky – because you’re about to discover your new secret weapon.

The Amazing Benefits of Video Marketing

Most people don’t have the time to sit and read your long, dull articles any more. Actually, scratch that.
They DO have the time.
They just don’t have the patience or attention spans to read them – ours is an age of information, and we’re looking to devour more at an ever quicker rate. So what do you do when you can’t keep them interested long enough to read your ‘golden’ articles?

You DAZZLE them with a video.

Videos are by far one of the most effective and enticing formats available today. Just look at how popular YouTube is and you’ll see what I mean. They require very little effort on the viewer’s part, and they’re easy to enjoy.
The problem is – they’re not easy for the creator! A good video will take hours and hours of work, and even then may take longer!
You know what’s effective, how do you USE it in a time-effective way? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours and hours to spare making videos!
I think it’s time I introduced you to something you’re going to LOVE

Video Marketing Bot is about to make your life a whole lot easier. It combines the easy automation of video creation (cutting out ALL of the hard work!), but ensures that the video comes out looking professional, interesting and most important of all – made by a human, and not a robot (and thus keeps it from being boring, generic or downright silly).

HD videos

Video Marketing Bot can create HD videos using the recommended 1080p video standard. HD 1080 translates in high quality videos meaning improved sharpness and visual clarity.

Related images

Find related images to your project and integrate them in your video in a few clicks! The best thing is that VMB can filter images under CC license so you don't have to worry about copyright problems.


Jazz your videos up by adding music to them! Music will not only give your presentations more appeal but grab the attention of the audience as well.


You can easily add text slides to your videos using the app's complete WYSIWYG text editor.

Video sharing websites

Youtube has more than two billion video views per day. Harness the power of video sharing websites by uploading your videos with the click of a button.


The preview feature gives the possibility to see the current status of the video and the possibility to make any desired changes before upload.

Keywords rank checker

This inbuilt tool is perfect for those who want to create videos for the sole purpose of ranking them on search engines first results pages for certain keywords.


VMB can harness the power of current search trends using inbuilt scraping tools, to bring a flood of traffic to your videos and website.

Text to speech

With VMB's text to speech capabilities you can now give a voice to your text slides!

Keywords rank checker

This inbuilt tool is perfect for those who want to create videos for the sole purpose of ranking them on search engines first results pages for certain keywords.

Join Videos

You have existing videos that you would like to use along videos made with VMB? No problem, the video joining feature is out there for use!


The project saving option enables you to save the current state of your VMB project including settings, images and videos for later use.

I know how hard it is to make a good video – I’ve been there, and done it.

It’s hard work but that’s exactly why I made this software – to help guys like me and you make videos quickly, easily and without all the fuss and trouble of more complex video-creation software.

We’ve already got enough on our plates as internet marketers – and if a bit of software can take a load off our minds, then it can only be a good thing!

You remember those long nights that seemed to drag on forever while you sat at your desk editing videos, over and over? The ones that left you feeling like a zombie the morning after?

Well you can say goodbye to those long nights! Video Marketing Bot is designed with YOU in mind – VMB is designed to streamline the whole video creation process and make it as easy as possible for YOU. Meaning no fuss, no struggling – just simple, elegant and beautiful videos!

Awesome bonuses:

» Bonus#1 – Video tutorials, view and learn how to use VMB!
» Bonus#2 – Royalty Free Music Addon, install this addon and have access to royalty free music straight from VMB! It has a music preview option and it can save you tons of time!

We hope you enjoy the software, and we look forward to hearing how you use it! And don’t worry about updates, we’ll be making sure we bring you the best and brightest updates to ensure you stay happy and at the front of the pack!

What are the requirements?

The requirements are:

  • Windows OS powered machine.
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (full download here)
  • AviSynth (it can be installed during the VMB setup wizard)
  • Windows Media Player with the latest Codec Pack. (download link here)
Does the created videos have a time limit?

There is absolutely no time limit. However, Youtube has time limitation for uploaded videos, so this is to be considered when creating videos for Youtube.

What video sharing websites are supported?

At the moment, only Youtube is supported by VMB. However, we’ll happily add more if the demand is high enough.

How do I use this app?

Please check the video tutorials in the members area on the website. If you’re still experiencing problems, please login in the members area and submit a ticket to the support team.

What is AviSynth and why is it required?

AviSynth is an application under GPL license and a great tool for video post-production. In our case, it’s needed for the transition effects functionality.

Can VMB autoupload to storage services like Amazon S3 or Wistia?

This feature is not available at the moment, but if there is sufficient demand for it, we will implement it.

What is the difference between the Save settings option and the Save project option?


The Save settings option saves only the current settings for all the entries in the Settings menu: Youtube, Video, Audio, Watermark, Search. The Save project option saves all the current settings including other data like images and videos.

Are videos made with VMB unique? Do I have to worry about Youtube deleting them?


Each video made with VMB is 100% unique. If you want to create similar versions of your video you can use VMB’s video spin feature. As long as there are used images under CC license, royalty free music and the Youtube Terms of Use are respected, there is nothing to worry about.

What are the best practices for VMB?
  • The first steps when using the app should be setting up the Youtube and Video options.
  • The user must use the full username including the @gmail.com suffix; the tags must be comma separated.
  • All the buttons are executing actions on the right listview, the right listview having the images that will be used for the video creation.
  • The user can hover the mouse cursor over the buttons and get a description within a tooltip of what the button does.
  • The recommended visual settings are: Aero theme enabled (if the Windows version supports this feature) and visual effects set to ‘Let Windows Choose what’s best for my computer’.

Video Marketing Bot can produce high quality videos with SEO optimized title, description and tags, there are other ranking factors that must not be omitted. Backlinking videos can give them even more boost in the rankings, and the good old baklinking must not be neglected even though we are talking about videos and not websites (after all, they are all online properties).