The importance of Internet online presence

Even if we are talking about regular Internet surfers, small businesses, internet marketers is essential nowadays to have an online presence. The old adage: “I think, therefore I exist” can be translated nowadays in “I’m on the Internet, therefore I exist”. The online universe can be used in many various starting from networking, learning, building up your reputation and credibility, branding, promoting yourself, promoting your website, promoting your products/services, finding opportunities. The most basic and common type of online presence is the one that involves social networks.
Other type of online presence involves video sharing websites and it’s quite popular in fact, numerous active users viewing and uploading videos on a daily basis. The advantage of the video online presence is that it permits a better communication in a nice, easy to digest format. It’s obvious that watching a video is much more easy and preferred than reading for example  Not only this but the video format permits the observation of the facial expressions, voice inflections, gestures, basically representing a far better form of communication than the written one specific to social networks.

With these clear advantages, everyone that has a message that needs to be transmitted, shouldn’t miss the Internet video marketing train and should begin to consider the Internet video production.
Transform your Youtube channel in a transmitting antenna for your ideas and thoughts and if you get lucky your video/videos might even go viral and than you hit the jackpot. If not, don’t worry, you can counterbalance it by scaling up your video creation and churning up videos. 100 videos with 10000 views on average is still something.

Many people are asking themselves: How to make a video?
Let me formulate a counter-question: Do you want to create videos for marketing purposes, video marketing more exactly?
Many prefer the quick and easy way without any pain.
This path involves images and photos and creating video slideshows out of them. This technique is great because you can churn out a new video at a few minutes using a software that automates the process of video creation.
Automatic/semi-automatic video creation can be a good alternative for those that don’t have the means (hardware) to create videos, those that are camera shy, those that want to create videos in a foreign language but are not confident enough with there language skills and/or accent, those who just simply don’t have the time to put in and don’t want the trouble and hassle of taking doubles.

Even if you don’t have the need to create videos for marketing purposes I bet you would still like to have a video with all  the great memories from those holidays. Even if you didn’t captured all those fine moments on video you can still use a slideshow maker program  like Video Marketing Bot PRO that can create video slideshows out of photos and images. Using it’s features like music adding and effect transitions, you can jazz your videos even more. Not only this, but you can easily share these moments with the loved ones and friends just by clicking one button that automatically uploads the video to the biggest video sharing website that is, Youtube.

The advantages of an online presence are clearly outlined as it reaches all the aspects of life socially and economically.

Video marketing is the new article marketing

The days when article marketing and bum marketing were in hype are pretty much over. The latest Google updates made sure this happen and the penalization the big article directories got made them wary and as a consequence of that, their submission policies were changed accordingly.
All these last crazy Google updates made marketers realize how unstable is SEO in fact and how big of a factor you can’t actually control unless you are a search engine. Those that are having all their eggs in one basket – Google’s basket, saw how all of their websites are vanishing from the search results and all of their hard work is gone down the drain just like that.

So, you might ask: Is there a new hype, a new marketing technique that can be used successfully as an alternative, as a guerilla marketing technique? Sure! It’s just under your nose, I bet you are watching daily at least one Youtube video and if you didn’t realized this by now, the video market is huge! Youtube is basically world’s second biggest search engine and it’s userbase is consuming hundreds of millions views each and every day. Imagine how it would be to have just a fraction of these daily views.
Not only that Youtube is the world’s second biggest search engine but Youtube videos often appear among the top search results and it’s no doubt a big bonus.

So what’s more easy? To build a new website from scratch and then to promote it, to do SEO for it or to create a video a few minutes long and do nothing? Chances are that due to the preferential treatment that Google gives to Youtube (which is quite obvious) you don’t even have to do any SEO at all, the video will naturally rank for a good keyword.
So this is a no brainer.

What’s awesome at video marketing? You can start with a budget of 0 (ZERO) dollars! All you have to do is just sign up for an affiliate offer at Clickbank, Commision Junction, Plimus, JVZoo, E-junkie etc, create some videos, upload them and start earning!
Obviously, you are not limited only at doing affiliate promotion via video marketing, you can promote pretty much everything starting from your website, your services/products or just those ‘kodak moments’ where you were goofing around being drunk (hey, we are talking Youtube and viral marketing here).
In comparison, article marketing has a harsher start due to the article’s directories updated policies…so good luck trying to stick a direct aff link on a big article directory like Ezinearticles.
Another advantage is that video marketing can be seen as an advanced article marketing, old articles can be resurrected into text slides and these slides can be arranged into a nice video collage. An application that can easily transform text to video via text slides is Video Marketing Bot PRO.
The rules for text slides can be different from those of article writing regarding the format in which the text is presented.
Some tips for when creating text slides:

1. Choose your fonts well, Serif fonts are usually considered better to use in documents with lots of text but for text slides the san-serif fonts like Sans Serif are actually preferred due to their increased readability.
2. Use color well, colors can be associated with various feelings, moods and colors can also improve the learning speed, retention and can increase interest. Cool colors work best for backgrounds and warm colors generally work best for text.
3. Limited text – while an article can have hundreds of words, a text slide is recommended to have a limited amount of text for increased readability and information retention. Also, a limited number of bullet points is recommended.

These being said, the new hottest thing right now in internet marketing is obvious: video and video marketing. Make sure you get in the train before it’s too late!

Video marketing tips

Most probably, the most common question in video marketing is: How do I promote my video/videos?
You have created a video, uploaded it to Youtube, Vimeo or somewhere else and then you wait…and wait. Maybe you get one-two comments, a few views and that’s just about it. All that hustle for nothing.

One of the things that have to be realized is that a video is an online propriety just like a website is.
So, maintaining the comparison, for a website, one of the most important traffic sources is obviously search engine traffic which results from SEO. In the case of videos the situation is a bit better: there are related videos you can get views from, Youtube videos (we are talking Youtube video marketing here) can naturally rank for various keywords.
SEO can be divided in two parts: onsite SEO and offline SEO.

The ‘onsite SEO’ for a video are all the factors you see on the video page: title, description, tags. Having keyword
optimized and keyword relevant titles, descriptions and tags is already an important step in having a good ‘onsite’ optimization.

Other things that are important in the ranking and have to be considered are: the number of views, comments and the rating. These are mostly an effect and there is no control per se on them; however, if fast results are needed these stats can be faked by purchasing them from various websites that are offering such services. Ethical or not, is up to you to make the call.
Adding a subtitle for the cc feature (Closed captioning) can also improve the ranking and is often overlooked.
Another important factor, a quite important one I might add, and often overlooked as well, is the quality of the video itself. The better the video resolution the better quality a video has; Youtube has some guidelines for the ‘perfect’ video
The following are taken from the Youtube video encoding guidelines and it’s recommended that these guidelines are respected in order to have the best video quality possible:

1. Upload videos in their original resolution – Videos should be uploaded at the highest resolution available. Videos uploaded with a 16:9 aspect ratio will fit the player perfectly. Most 4:3 resolutions are supported, but the video will be pillar boxed in order to fit the player.
2. Upload videos with high bitrates – Higher bitrate content will look better on YouTube, simply put. View our recommended bitrates for high quality uploads.
3. Upload videos with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio – Videos without a square (1:1) pixel aspect ratio may not fit properly in the player.
4. Upload videos with a supported file format – Supported file formats are consistently more reliable than alternatives.
5. Upload videos in original quality whenever possible – If you do not need to edit your video, simply upload the unaltered original recording for optimal quality.
6. Upload videos with a identical Audio/Video durations – Audio and Video tracks should begin and end at exactly the same time.

If respected, these 6 steps can earn your video a high quality score and corroborated with other optimization measures your video will get top rankings in the search results.
It may sound very technical, but don’t worry, the best thing is that Video Marketing Bot PRO supports all of these video quality checkboxes. It can create videos in the HD 1080p video standard at a video resolution of 1920×1080 (recommended), video resolution of 1280×720, a video aspect ratio of 16:9 that makes the video fit perfectly in the Youtube player, bit rates between 2000k and 2500k and even more.

Video Marketing and How to Use It in a Cost Efficient Way

We can truly say that the marketing and advertising landscape has really changed through the years. Before, as entrepreneurs, we can only rely on spending big bucks in television, print and radio placements in order to be noticed by our consumers. Now, with the advent of the internet and mobile technology, advertising has taken as step further and you can now just simply upload an article or video and have people who are interested in your product to search and watch it to get to know your product better. They can even go straight to purchase via your website. If your advertising material is interesting enough, you’ll even see some people sharing your ad via their social media account.

The advantages of video marketing are the following:

  1. You can get the point across in an interesting and creative way. This is an engaging way to communicate to your consumers. Most people are visual beings and seeing your product being discussed and demonstrated online will make it more compelling for your target to purchase your product. And as discussed previously, if your story is exciting enough, some people may even get to share it online.
  2. Video marketing improves targeting. This is because people who look for your videos are in the first place interested to get to know your product. Just ensure that you use the correct keywords when you are posting your ad.
  3. With video marketing, you get ad presence 24/7. Consumers can have the option of watching your video at their most convenient time. With this, you are assured that there is not placement wasted – unlike television or radio where your target may be busy when your ad comes out.
  4. Video marketing is a cost-efficient way to develop and place your ad. Gone are the days when you have to spend a lot in order to have presence to your consumers’ minds. Admit it, television, radio, outdoor and print placements can be really pricey. You are not even sure if your ad will be noticed by your target. Also, production can be cheaper given the resolution needed in order to produce an online ad.

One of the cheapest and effective ways to develop your online is through slideshow video. All you need to have is a slideshow software and you can get one by researching online. Slideshows are a series of photos or graphics that are put together to create a story via video. A slideshow maker can have tutorials so you can even develop your video yourself. See online on the best slideshow creator that you can use with ease.

With online marketing, you are sure that you can get your point across to people who matter. You may even chance upon people who are just surfing around but may suddenly become interested in your product and service. With the digital age, you can have a one on one relationship with the person you would like to sell your product to – all in the comfort of their homes or offices.

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Marketing program mixed with good management equals success

Working as an employee has its perks, but so does having your own company or having your own business. And the best part about it all is that you have your own time in here, and though things might be rough sailing from the start, once things get running, you will have the time to sit back and enjoy the show as it goes on. However, things need to be in place first before getting that much needed rest. Your company has to be running like a well-oiled machine, and then you also need to have things like marketing and advertising strategies running in order to make it a real profitable and huge success too.

All businesses dream of becoming big and earning big sums so that you can enjoy life when you are much older while the younger generation will take the helm. One way to ensure this kind of success is having a good marketing program. Usually, this is a part that is entrusted to the marketing department of every company, but of course, professional help with specialists and consultants for this matter helps out a lot too. There are many ways to help ensure a good marketing program. Of course, there is the traditional marketing style which deals with ad, promotions, and flyers, and direct client handling. But recently, there is a much quicker and faster way of dealing with marketing, and this is online marketing.

Online marketing certainly made its niche the minute the internet went global. Since it is the whole world who is linked in this web, then you can just simply imagine just how much potential there is brimming in here and waiting to be tapped by businesses. Since it is online, you would need a good marketing software that will run in your computer and help you be able to improve details about going online with your marketing. This is a pretty efficient way as softwares like these are specifically designed by professionals in the industry who have much experience and their inputs in the development certainly are the ones needed to help improve any business unit using this software. Many businesses that have utilized such a program over the few years have now started reaping the benefits of such a software. In fact, a quick search online for forums and reviews on this topic would yield you a whole lot of results, and they all discuss one thing, which is the way the marketing software has made a good impact in their company.

Having a maketing program and then inputting it with good marketing software in the process is a good way to ensure success. But of course, proper management of the business in tandem with a good marketing strategy is still the best combination in order to ensure the best results in the long run. Make sure that when you are planning things up, take into consideration these things that have been mentioned above and you can be sure things will be okay.

Marketing is different for every company

Any business would want to expand its operations and also generate lots of profits as this is the only way to guarantee a good future for all of its workers and the owners themselves. But one of the most crucial departments in any company which can ensure its success is always the marketing division. Why? Because by marketing a company and its services and products, you can ensure that your name gets known, and also, you are expanding your company’s profile and connections and potential client base with this group.

Marketing a business might seem simple at first. But you are actually wrong. It entails a lot of strategic thinking. And also, marketing for companies is a very different thing as compared to marketing a small business. Marketing for companies require strategy and considers a whole lot of things like competition and also the scale of the market you are planning to reach out to. It is more specific and it is much harder to penetrate owing to the presence of the established businesses and corporations over the years. Marketing a business is more direct and you can easily market out things to a larger group. Its more like throwing seeds in a large cornfield and hoping most of these seeds take root. But many of them will survive and grow, and that is how small companies work.

Why is marketing just so important? This is the way you expand your network. You sell your product, service, or brand name to people. You have to think of ways to ensure people know you so that every time they associate something with a certain thing, your name will be the first thing they think of. It helps ensure that you will have a client base over long periods of time. By having an effective marketing strategy, you can have greater profits too, and this has been proven time and again by the companies who have succeeded in making a niche in their specific segments of their industry.

But the big question is how do you determine the right business marketing strategy to fit you? This is now the work of the think tanks in corporate setting. If a company does not have a marketing division, they usually hire out professionals or consultants to help them out determine or make a good marketing plan that works for them. Others, they have softwares employed which can help them streamline things and have an efficient system to monitor their marketing process. All of these things work in one way or another, it just depends on which type is the more efficient one for which type of business.

Hopefully, by finding the best marketing plan for your own company, you will attain the best levels of success. It is a hard battle, but once you get the hang of things and you get the right plans working, then profits are not that far away and in the end, it is a worthwhile effort having good rewards.

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